Hi, we're Vestive

Who we are

We care about the environment and social inequality. We worry about the world we’re going to leave future generations. Chances are - so do you.

We're realists too. The world is uncertain and we want to invest well - for ourselves and our loved ones.

We think investing should work for both our values and our wallets. That's why we built Vestive - a smart, simple way to invest for the long term that is better for you and your world.

Investing that’s better for you

At Vestive, our responsibility is to ensure that every portfolio we recommend is a great financial choice. That means diversified, low-cost, and personalized just for your situation.

Investing - and sustainable investing in particular - is complicated. Are your investments too correlated? Does your portfolio have the right risk profile? Should you buy shares in Tesla? Are you too exposed to potential changes in government policy?

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We handle these questions so you don’t have to. We built Vestive for everyone - new and longtime investors alike.

Investing that’s better for your world

Your money has the potential to do more.

Here's an example: if more people start investing in low carbon-footprint companies, they'll take notice. Companies ultimately care about their bottom line and will be incentivized to continue to operate in an environmentally-friendly way.

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Their polluting competitors will have a choice to make: change their practices and emit less carbon, or miss out on investments that could help grow their business.

However, companies will only pay attention if more people start investing sustainably.