Our Approach
We create portfolios that are better for our users’ worlds and their wallets, combining values-driven investing with Nobel-prize winning portfolio management theory.
Every Vestive portfolio is optimized for sustainability and financial performance, across five key parameters:
Environmental Impact
Our portfolios invest in environmentally-friendly companies that are addressing climate change and reducing pollution. Specifically, we consider three metrics when evaluating the environmental impact of our portfolios:
Carbon Footprint
Carbon Emissions
Alternative energy
Alternative Energy
Fossil fuels
Fossil Fuel Reserves

To incorporate these factors into our portfolios, we use a combination of negative and positive screening.

Negative screening refers to divesting from (not investing in) companies involved in undesirable activities. Historically, “socially-responsible investing” used this approach alone. Vestive employs negative screening for companies and industries we do not support, like those involved in the most-polluting types of fossil fuels.

Coal IndiaEOG Resources

Positive screening -- a strategy often used in “impact investing” -- implies investing in the very best companies within a given social or environmental category. For example, we use positive screening to help encourage industries we think are critical to our world, like alternative energy.

NextEra EnergyFirst Solar

By using a variety of screening strategies, we're able to take a holistic approach when designing our portfolios. This gives us the flexibility to diversify our investments throughout all industries, while tackling various issues in ways that make the most sense.