Our Approach

We combine values-driven investing with Nobel-prize winning portfolio management theory, optimized across five key parameters:

Markets are unpredictable. We don’t claim to know which companies or industries are going to outperform others. In fact, we’re pretty skeptical of anyone who does.

Instead, we invest in the global economy as a whole. In this way, our portfolios are shielded from unexpected downturns in specific industries, and benefit from unexpected growth in others. At the same time, as the global economy grows, so do our investments.

Decades of data suggest this is the most reliable way to invest well for the long-term and even Warren Buffett agrees.

We diversify your portfolio by investing in a variety of low-cost ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), which spread your investments across many asset classes, geographies, and industries. In total, your investment is diversified across many hundreds of individual companies (and government assets, as well).