Our Approach

We combine values-driven investing with Nobel-prize winning portfolio management theory, optimized across five key parameters:
Low Fees

Paying too much in fees is the most common mistake people make when investing. Even a seemingly low fee of 1% can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in retirement.

When comparing your investment options, there are two fees to consider: management fees and fund fees. It’s critical to pay attention to both of them, because it’s the sum of them that ultimately matters. A lot of advisors and investment services will often only tell you about one, not both -- that’s not cool.

Management FeesFund Fees1.00%Traditional0.80%Traditional0.45%Vestive0.20%Vestive

Vestive’s management fees (0.45%) are less than half of the lowest financial advisor’s. And our fund fees (0.18-0.23%) are less than a quarter of typical fund fees.

Keeping our fees as low as possible, and being transparent about them, is a core pillar of our business.