Our Approach
We create portfolios that are better for our users’ worlds and their wallets, combining values-driven investing with Nobel-prize winning portfolio management theory.
Every Vestive portfolio is optimized for sustainability and financial performance, across five key parameters:
Social Impact
Gender and racial inequality, gun violence and poor labor conditions -- these are just a few of the issues that our society must confront. We aim to align our investments with our values in addressing these concerns. We currently track four metrics when evaluating our portfolio's social impact:
Women in leadership
Women in Leadership
Tobacco manufacturers
Tobacco Manufacturers
Firearms producers
Gun Manufacturers
Labor norms violations
Labor Treatment

As with our portfolio's environmental impact, we use a combination of positive and negative screening to achieve this goal.

Positive screening allows us to encourage company behavior that we think is critical to our world, like having representative numbers of women in leadership roles.


Negative screening enables us to withhold support from damaging industries like tobacco manufacturers.

AltriaPhillip Morris

We believe this comprehensive approach is the best way to ensure that our portfolios positively affect our society and influence company behavior.