Sustainable investing, ethical investing, ESG investing, socially responsible investing, impact investing - you may have heard a lot of terms being used for very similar things. We use the term ‘sustainable’ as we feel it best captures the broad range of factors we consider for our portfolios.

We aim to invest in a way that respects our environment, addresses climate change, supports women-led businesses, encourages good labor practices, avoids investing in industries that harm the health or safety of our society, and more.

For us, truly sustainable investing must also be financially smart investing. Our process maximizes the improvement in all of these sustainability areas without sacrificing diversification or financial performance.

No - not if done correctly! Our approach provides a diversified portfolio, designed to keep up with overall market performance. In recent years this approach has even beaten the market, but we can’t guarantee this in the future.

Our portfolios can accomplish this because they aren’t overly concentrated in specific sectors or countries (like some other sustainable investing options). Having a well-rounded portfolio means we can achieve both financial performance and improved sustainability.

But don't just take our word for it - The longest existing existing sustainability index, MSCI KLD 400 index, which tracks companies with high environmental and social impact, has outperformed both the S&P 500 and the Russell 3000 on an actual and risk-adjusted basis for the past 25 years. Additionally, numerous studies have been done addressing the financial performance of sustainable investing; we list a handful below.

Spoiler alert: sustainable investing keeps up, and in some cases can even outperform traditional investing.

We have partnered with the industry leading source of company sustainability data, MSCI. We use MSCI’s scoring data to evaluate the sustainability of all of our investments, to generate our analytics on your portfolio, and to help us consider new potential investments.

Right now we take a balanced approach and incorporate all sustainability factors into the investments we recommend.

If you would prefer us to focus your portfolio on one or a couple specific sustainability topics, please let us know at, as this is a feature we are working on and can let you know immediately once it’s released.